OK, so what is this thing?

It's an idea generation tool for "makers" - people who are using the many great innovations to come out of the digital economy in recent years.

The app holds in a database of basic ideas - strategies, tools, services, tactics, and concepts that can merge to form new ideas.

Each time you press a "refresh" button, two new ideas are presented to you, along with a (hopefully!) inspiring question to trigger your thinking in new ways.

You can then save the new idea, and your ideas get fed back into the mix, helping you to enrich your own products and services.

Quite simply, the app presents two ideas, strategies, tools, or concepts that might be useful in creating new ideas, or enhancing existing ones, for the "maker" community. And it adds a question to inspire your thinking. And that's it!

Absolutely. Just save them in the app, and they get thrown into the mix as well. Every time you select two more random prompts, one of your own ideas will also be shown, making the idea generation more relevant to your own personal interests and projects.

No. I don't have time to read someone else's ideas, as I'm too busy working on my own!

Once I formally launch, I'll be building a mailing list from this, and using that list to help market my own products.